March 5, 2024

World Toilet Day 2023: Promoting Sanitary Practices


World Toilet Day highlights the link between sanitation, health, and dignity, urging action for universal access to proper facilities.

WORLD TOILET DAY 2023: Access to proper sanitation is a basic human right, it is directly associated with respect and dignity of a human being. Sanitation is needed at all levels of the society, and is imperative in all sense. Improper sanitation measures harms the society in a very negative manner and discourages healthy human practices.

The latest United Nations data shows that right now approximately 3.5 billion people doesn’t have the access to safe toilets and around 419 million people practice ‘open defecation’ regularly. Hence, in order to remove this evil, which is the basis cause of may diseases, United Nations Organization celebrates WORLD TOILET DAY on 19 November every year.

The World Toilet Day is celebrated all over the world to raise the awareness about the importance of following proper sanitation practices, it was established in 2001 and made an official United Nations Observance in 2013. The theme for the World Toilet Day 2023 is ‘Accelerating Change for Safe Sanitation’, the focus of the theme is on accelerating change through collective human efforts.

The United Nations try to explain the concept of the toilet day with the help of a hummingbird, it believes that as a hummingbird fights fire by bringing little water in her beak, and signifies every small contribution counts, toilet serves as that hummingbird for proper sanitation and it will help in solving the bigger problem.

The word ‘Toilet’ in the World Toilet day has been chosen deliberately instead of the word ‘Sanitation’ so that it captivates the interest of more and more people and inspire them to work toward achieving the Goal 6 of the Sustainable development Goals, which the world wants to achieve by the end of 2030.


However, the world is seriously off track on achieving this goal and need to work with the speed 5 times the current one. The United Nations suggest following actions on from an individual as a hummingbird.

  • The United Nations seriously wants individual to come outside and make their contribution in breaking the taboos about toilets, water and menstruation
  • United Nations ask people to not put waste, oils , medicines and chemicals down the toilet and drains
  • It also ask people to ask their elected representative to allocate the budget for improving water and sanitation

Significance of World Toilet Day 

World Toilet Day holds significance in highlighting the need for sanitation facilities worldwide. It highlights the  link between access to proper toilets, individual health, and overall societal well-being. This day serves as a powerful manner to raise awareness about the number of people who still lack access to clean and safe toilets. It emphasizes the important role toilets play in preventing the spread of diseases, promoting better hygiene practices, and preserving human dignity.

World Toilet Day prompts action, urging governments, organizations, and communities to address the pressing issues surrounding sanitation, advocating for improved infrastructure, education, and policies to ensure that everyone, regardless of their location or circumstances, has access to hygienic sanitation facilities.

World Toilet Day is a reminder that access to proper sanitation is a basic human right. It shows the urgency of addressing health and sanitation challenges globally, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts to build a healthier, more hygienic world for all.

As we mark World Toilet Day 2023 tomorrow, let’s continue to raise awareness, advocate for change, and work towards a future where everyone has access to clean and safe toilets, promoting better health and sanitation worldwide.

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