March 5, 2024

Where to Find Free or Cheap eBooks – ReviverSoft Blog


Find countless eBooks through your library or other popular services. Here are five places you can download cheap or free eBooks.

Person reading an eBook on a tablet

Are you
looking for something new to read?

Part of our
new normal is finding creative ways to pass the time while we stay indoors. Some
of that time can be spent binge-watching TV shows, working on your computer, or
playing games on your phone… but you may be looking for alternative

Local libraries and bookstores may be unavailable right now, but electronic books (known as eBooks) are easy to find.

Here are our
top five places to find cheap, or even free, eBooks and audiobooks.

Your local library

Cost: Free

Your local library may not be open to visits yet; fortunately, you can borrow eBooks from the safety of your own home!

OverDrive is a service that allows you to borrow eBooks from your library or school. (Libby is a similar service that your library may use instead.)

All you need
is the app linked above, and your library card.

Download the
app, then search for your local library. You’ll need to enter your library card
number to start borrowing and downloading.

Amazon Prime Reading

Cost: Monthly or annual membership, or a 1-month free trial

Amazon Prime is a great option if you already have a Prime membership or have been considering getting one.

Amazon Prime
has a variety of Kindle eBooks and audiobooks that you can download—but you don’t
need a Kindle. Just download them to your Kindle device, or use the
Kindle app on your computer, tablet or phone.

The best
part? There aren’t any due dates.

is charged annually or monthly, but you can also get a free trial for one month
and cancel it if you’re not blown away.

Kindle Unlimited

Cost: Monthly or annual membership, or a free trial to start

Though similar to Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited offers many other benefits—like approximately 1 million book titles to choose from (Prime only has about 1,000).

As with Prime, you can get a monthly subscription or begin with a free trial.

Project Gutenberg

Cost: Free

Perfect for lovers of the classics, this non-profit provides around 53,000 free titles that you can download to your Kindle device, tablet, or phone in .mobi format.

Google Play

Cost: Varies

Google Play has countless of books to choose from, for free and for purchase.

Simply click
on the link above and scroll down the page to a variety of headings – eBooks
under $10, eBooks under $5, and so forth. Further down the page, you’ll find
the free sections. And on the left sidebar, you’ll find a link to audiobooks as

Happy reading!

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