February 27, 2024



The DRIVER_INVALID_CRUNTIME_PARAMETER error is caused by a software or driver conflict. Here is how to fix it.

The DRIVER_INVALID_CRUNTIME_PARAMETER error indicates that a driver has passed an invalid parameter to a C runtime function. This is usually caused by a buggy device driver or an erroneous application.


The first procedure in troubleshooting this error is to make sure that Windows is up to date. Here is a video blog that we wrote on running Windows Update

If the error continues to surface even after the update then try uninstalling or rolling back any recently installed software. Here is how to uninstall software that you have installed. If the error no longer persists, then you have your solution. However, If the software is something that you really need then I would recommend looking for a newer version of the application, try and alternative or even contact the developer to notify them of the issue.

The third step in troubleshooting the error, considering if the previous steps did not work, is to update or roll back all drivers. This is can be done through the Device Manager in the Control Panel or though visiting websites of the manufacturers of each piece of hardware on your computer. Once you have accessed the Device Manager (here’s how) area, simply click the hardware suspected of the source of the error, right-click, select Properties and in the Driver tab either click Update Driver or Roll Back Driver. A method in determining the exact drivers that cause the error is through the use of a kernel debugger usually installed through the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) as added software under Debugging Tools for Windows. The debugger can access the crash dump files and determine the source of the error through code. This method is usually reserved of advanced users.

An easier way to update and roll back drivers is to use of a driver utility such as Driver Reviver. It checks available updates and stable versions of the drivers compatible for the system. After updating the drivers, reboot the system.

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