March 4, 2024

Supari Studios curates 3 quirky content films for The Souled Store’s latest collection line “Supima”


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India, 18th July 2022: Modern media network Kulfi Collective’s award-winning branded content arm – Supari Studios – has collaborated with prominent casual apparel brand The Souled Store for a campaign for the latter’s latest ‘Supima tee-shirt collection.’ To highlight the collection’s USP of perfect fit, durability and softness, the content studio conceptualised and created 3 engaging bite-sized videos and features digital personalities Shayan Roy and Govind Menon.

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From being a place solely known for superhero tees and fandom merchandise, The Souled Store has expanded to include a variety of clothing in its line-up to become the choice of apparel for GenZ and Millennials. The brand’s latest Supima collection is known for its fun designs, fabric and comfort. Furthermore, through this collection, The Souled Store aims to overturn the narrative that “basic” reflects a ‘no efforts put in’ sentiment by revamping the term into a positive state of mind while also instilling a sense of belonging, freedom and comfort.

In sync with this thought process, Supari Studios has crafted 3 short-form video content individually showcasing the three prime features of the Supima collection in a way that attracts the GenZ and Millennial audiences. However, to encompass it all engagingly within only 15 seconds, the team decided to keep the script simple, short and precise but all the same – making it quirky, witty and humorous. And this resulted in the three videos with a GenZ version of Ramesh-Suresh – Ajay (Shayan Roy) and Vijay (Govind Menon) – repeating each attribute of Supima tee-shirts by using escalation as a medium in every scene.

Link to video 1:

Link to video 2:

Link to video 3:

Talking about the project, Victor Daruwala – Creative Director – Supari Studios, said “Most ads have the creative liberty of time duration when it comes to delivering their message. We, on the other hand, had a hard stop of 15 seconds to say what we had to say. This made it challenging as well as interesting for our creative team to take a crack at, and the result was nothing short of genius. We managed to say what we had to by saying less, focussing on key product attributes, and using humour alongside a quick snappy edit to deliver the message.”

Sujoy Dutta, SVP, Marketing of The Souled Stored mentioned “We had a great time partnering with Supari Studios on our campaign for Souled Store’s Supima t-shirts. They showed the functional benefits of the range in a way that was engaging and showcased Souled Store’s warm, endearing personality. We didn’t have to choose between creativity and business objectives, which we loved.”

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