March 4, 2024

New version of Start Menu Reviver 2 – Now Available!


We've listened to feedback from our users and fans and have made Start Menu Reviver 2 even better. See what's new in this release of Start Menu Reviver

When we released Start Menu Reviver 2 we made big improvements to the overall design and usability of the product and we were very happy with all the praise and feedback we received about the new version. We are always trying to improve Start Menu Reviver and make it the best Start Menu that you can get for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Since version 2 was released we have received a some feedback from our users that they missed some of the customization features from version 1 (we simplified the customization functionality in version 2 with the hope that most users would fins it easier to use). Based on this feedback we have brought back additional customization features into version 2.5.

Start Menu Reviver 2.5 puts control back into your hands allowing you to design your own personal Start Menu theme. This is the most personalized Start Menu currently available on the market.

We have changed the Appearance menu within the Start Menu Reviver settings to allow for unlimited personalization of colors within Start Menu Reviver. All you need to do is to choose the element that you want changed and select any color under the sun.

Customizing SMR 2 Appearance

Also included in this version are the following changes and improvements:
Improved search algorithm Get better results when you search
Start button corner hint hidden becomes default We have had a lot of people asking for us to disable the Windows 8.1 start button that appears when you move your mouse to the corner of your screen. We have always had an option to disable this but we have not made this option enabled by default.
Disable Start Corner Hint
Updated spacing around Start Button We now have less space around the Start Button in your task bar which we think looks better allows for more applications in your task bar.
Updated Czech language Thanks to a very helpful Czech user (Tomáš Nosek) for submitting some translations improvements. We are always thankful to our users who help us make our products available in more languages. If you have any translation improvements for us or additional languages you can help us offer a product in please contact our support team here.

There are many other small fixes and tweaks that you may notice within the product.

Keep sending us that feedback!

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