March 4, 2024

Four gin distillers spill their favourite cocktail recipes


An Dúlamán, Gunpowder, Maharani and Blackwater reveal their insider secrets

A gin and tonic remains the cocktail of choice for the majority of drinkers, but how do our Irish gin producers prefer to drink their gin? And do they change with the seasons? I asked four Irish distillers for their favourite festive recipe.

The fresh savoury notes of An Dúlamán Irish Maritime Gin serve as the perfect base for their spicy twist on the classic Bramble. You can pick up cinnamon syrup at good off-licences, or make your own at home. Shake 50ml An Dúlamán gin, 15ml Crème de Mûre (blackberry liqueur), 15ml cinnamon syrup and 25ml lemon juice with ice and serve in a rocks glass, garnished with lemon zest, blackberries or a cinnamon stick.

Gunpowder gin suggests Citrus & Spice … And All Things Nice, which tastes very good. Mix 40ml Gunpowder Irish gin with 10ml fresh lemon juice, 25ml winter berry syrup (make your own or buy ready-made). Shake and serve over ice, garnished with a cinnamon stick and a twist of dried lemon peel. 

The Ginger Maharaja made with Maharani gin, from the Rebel City Distillery in Cork
The Ginger Maharaja made with Maharani gin, from the Rebel City Distillery in Cork

Maharani gin, from the Rebel City Distillery in Cork, is distilled with pomelo fruit, cassia and nutmeg mace from Kerala in India. They suggest The Ginger Maharaja. Pour 40ml Maharani gin and ginger ale to taste over ice and mix. Finish with a dash of hedgerow bitters and 10ml of fresh lime juice.

From Blackwater Distillery in Waterford comes the Holly Champagne. Mix together 35ml Blackwater No 5 Gin, 15ml St Germain, 20ml lime juice with ice. Shake and strain. Top up with Champagne (or sparkling wine). Garnish with sage leaves. 

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