February 27, 2024

John Wilson: The wines that are becoming new classics


Wines for the weekend: Two to try on special offer from SuperValu

This week, or your supermarket wine purchasing possibilities, two wines on offer in SuperValu. Both are what I call “new classics”; wines that would have hardly registered a decade ago, but are now amongst the most popular wines with the national palate.

Albariño is widely grown in Galicia in the north-west corner of Spain. It seems to be joining Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio as our go-to white wines for those seeking fresh, unoaked fruity wines. As with the two aforementioned grapes, some of the less expensive versions can be uninspiring, but there are plenty of really well-made wines too, including the Abellio featured here.

Marlborough Sauvignon is many people’s favourite white wine, but in recent years Pinot Noir from the same region has got so much better. This offer lasts until Wednesday, January 19th.

Abellio Albariño 2020, Rías Baixas
€10, down from €14.99
Fresh and fruity, with plump textured pears and nectarines. Great with all kinds of seafood, although scallops or prawns would be my favourite.

Cooper’s Creek Marlborough Pinot Noir 2020
€12, down from €17.99
Elegant ripe plum and black cherry fruits overlaid with subtle vanilla spice. Try this with grilled salmon, tuna, or grilled breast of duck.

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