March 4, 2024

10 Best and Most beautiful places to visit in Bhutan


Discover 10 of the best and most beautiful places to visit in Bhutan. From national parks, temples and cities. Read for inspiration.

Neighbouring countries like India and Nepal have been discovered by travellers, whilst the kingdom of Bhutan somehow remains hidden behind a curtain of mystery. With its lush nature reserves and spellbinding monasteries, Bhutan is often considered to be a harmonious and peaceful destination. Bhutan boasts a carefully curated cultural heritage, lively traditional festivals, and pristine forests which are protected by law.

It’s worth mentioning that Bhutan can only be explored through guided tours arranged by Bhutanese tour agencies. But, you can make requests to visit specific sites and create a customized travel route.

Do you need inspiration for your Bhutan itinerary? We have selected 10 of the most stunning locations to visit in this elevated empire.

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